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Authentic, home-made Moroccan and 

Mediterranean food is our speciality!





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All our desserts are suitable for vegetarians



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gluten free,


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**Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and we will advise you about suitable dishes**



(GF) Gluten free   (N) Contains nuts  

(V) Vegetarian   (VE) Vegan


Spicy lamb meatballs £5.50 (GF)

Lean minced lamb meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce

with or without an egg

Moroccan pea soup £4.95 (GF) (V) (VE)

 with olive oil, coriander, cumin and garlic croutons (Gf without)

Traditional Moroccan Harira soup £4.95 (V) (VE)

with chick peas and coriander

Moroccan sardines £5.75

stuffed with coriander, lemon and garlic

Zaâlouk £4.95 (GF) (V) (VE)

Warm aubergine, courgette and mixed pepper salsa

with cumin and coriander

Falafel £4.95 (GF) (V)

Crushed chick peas and tahini, deep-fried and

served with tzatsiki dip

Kibbeh £5.50 (N)

Cracked bulghar wheat stuffed with minced lamb and pine nuts, deep-fried and served with tahini dip


Garlic mushroom gratin £4.95 (GF) (V)

Oven-baked in a cream sauce with

vegetarian parmesan-style cheese

Spicy prawn kebabs £6.50 (GF)

Char-grilled and served with a spicy harissa dip

Crab and prawn spring rolls £6.75

Crab and prawns, wrapped in Filo pastry

served with a lobster bisque

Baked goats cheese £5.50 (V) (N)

Served on home-made toast with mixed leaves,

walnuts, poached pears and a cassis jus

Seafood Salad £6.95 (GF)

Prawns, mussels and squid with lemon and

olive oil vinaigrette

Squid £5.25

Battered and deep fried, served on a bed of

mixed leaves with Caesar dressing

King Prawns £6.95 (GF)

Simply pan-fried in garlic butter with a touch of

parsley and white wine

Crab, prawn and avocado salad £6.95 (GF)

with a balsamic vinegar and tomato vinaigrette

Main courses

Steaks, seabass and poulet aux champignons served with  today’s vegetables; bread with tagines. Rice, chips or couscous can be served if requested for an extra charge.


Grilled swordfish couscous £13.50 (GF sauce with rice)

with olives, lemon juice, coriander and a hint of chilli

served with sultana couscous

Lamb tagine £14.95

Slow-cooked Moroccan lamb stew, served on the bone,

with prunes and apricots or with olives and artichokes – you choose. 

Our best-selling dish served with bread.

Couscous aux sept légumes £10.50 (V) (VE)

Classic couscous with seven vegetable sauce

Pastella – Moroccan chicken pie £13.50 (N)

Chicken breast wrapped in filo pastry with almonds, cinnamon, egg, coriander with a ginger, cinnamon and onion sauce

Moroccan lemon chicken £12.50 (GF sauce)

traditional  dish with olives and preserved lemons, served

with sultana couscous

Fish tagine £13.50 (GF)

with olives, coriander and preserved lemon, served with bread

Chicken or lamb couscous £12.50 (GF sauce with rice)

Chicken breast or lamb fillet with root vegetables, coriander and sultanas

Poulet au romarin £12.50

chicken breast with rosemary jus on a bed of mashed potatoes

Roasted Seabass fillets £14.50 (GF)

served on a bed of lentils with a lemon and rosemary jus

Sirloin steak £14.95

char grilled  with your choice of sauce - green peppercorn or Diane

Fillet steak £18.95

char grilled with your choice of sauce - Bordelaise, Dolcelatte

or Rossini with pâ

Risotto con funghi £9.95 (GF) (V) (N)

with wild mushroom, pine nuts, vegetarian parmesan, peppers,

asparagus and cream

Poulet aux champignons £12.95 (GF)

chicken breast in a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce

Tagliatelli salmone £9.95

smoked salmon tagliatelli in a parmesan, tomato and cream sauce

Vegetable filo parcel £10.50 (V) (VE)

  Mediterranean oven-roasted vegetables wrapped in filo pastry,

served with our tomato and chick pea sauce

Side Orders       £1.95

             Chips                                        Extra vegetables

             Green salad                             Extra couscous

             Garlic and tomato bread (V) (VE)       £1.00 pp